A Villainess’ Revenge Is Sweeter Than Honey

Ongoing 복수는 꿀보다 달콤하다 ; 復讐は蜜より甘い ; Balas Dendam lebih Manis dari Madu

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"In your sweetest moment, I will give you Hell." Alexandra was a wicked woman who did not mind staining her hands with blood in order to make her husband the emperor. However, he repaid her unconditional devotion with betrayal, an extramarital affair, and a gruesome death. Just before Alexandra died, she had one thought in her head: "If I could go back into the past, I would more.. be willing to be his wife again. Then I can show him how painful it is to be betrayed by the one you loved the most!" Miraculously, Alexandra returned to the day of her wedding with her husband. She decided to become the empress once again to exact the most delightful and brutal revenge she can.

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