The Mating Adventure of Harem King in Another World: The Strongest Ojisan Takes Wives From All Races

Ongoing ハーレム王の異世界プレス漫遊記 ~最強無双のおじさんはあらゆる種族を嫁にする~; Harem Ou no Isekai Press Manyuuki ~Saikyou Musou no Ojisan wa Arayuru Shuzoku wo Yome ni suru~; Harem King's Journey in Another World : The Strongest Warrior Uncle Takes Wives from All Races

A man who died a lonely death wished to be reincarnated as a "Seed-sowing Ojisan Version" by the goddess Nike, and he was reborn as Genji. The Heartwarming erotic comedy fantasy of an ojisan who helps the weak, crushes the strong, and wins over the women he likes, begins!