Ongoing Delinquent high school girl KuzuHana-chan ; Yankee high school girl KuzuHana-chan ; ヤンキーJKクズハナちゃん

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At the beginning of the academic year, Saotome Hodaka enrolls into Moteshiro Prefectural High School, a former all-girls school that had recently integrated, but discovers it has a male to female ratio of 1:359! While most might think of this as a paradise, the majority of the students are delinquents and Saotome immediately finds himself being extorted by some of the more aggressive girls. However, more.. he is inadvertently saved by Hanako Kuzuryu, a beautiful Yankee who just wants to be left alone. Is this the start of a new friendship? And how will Saotome's life unfold in a school full of troublesome women?

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