Completed 夜這いされて「だめっ…イクっ!」~年下幼馴染に一晩中イジられ続けた夜 ; Yobaisarete "Damee... Ikuu!" - Toshishita Osananajimi ni Hitobanjuu Ijirare Tsudzuketa Yoru ; She (?) Snuck Into My Bedroom… “No… I’m Cumming!” Getting Teased by My Childhood Friend All Night Long

"“I can’t believe that such a pretty girl… is licking my…!” My childhood friend Ryou has transformed into an exceptionally beautiful woman. The first time I saw her all grown up, I was so instantly lovestruck that I nearly felt like a man… And right now, that very same girl is creeping into my bed!? Try as I might to stop her, her slender, delicate fingers wrap gently around my body, causing me to moan with more.. pleasure… But isn’t this wrong!? We’re both women! I want to resist, but my body won’t listen to my brain. And just as I start to wonder what I should do, she pulls something out from her crotch and utters the words, “I’m putting it in.” …Wait. Putting it in…? Putting what in!? Ryou, don’t tell me… you were a boy all along!?"