Sensei Ore ni Kamawazu Itte Kudasai!!

Completed Are You Gonna Come?; Boşalıyor musun?; Don't Mind Me, Sensei!; Give Yourself a Hand; Masturbasyon Yaparken Çizim Yapmak; Onanii Shinagara Kakimashita Sensei, Ore ni Kamawazu Itte Kudasai!!;※オナニーしながら描きました♥ 先生、俺にかまわずイッてください!! 无法愉悦的我下不了笔

Ashida Mamoru is a god-tier manga assistant but his habit of turning authors lazy has left him without a job. Luckily, one of his classmates from university happens to have a little sister who is a serialised manga author in need of an assistant.