Ongoing 異世界男優~汁男優が異世界転生してエロ知識フル活用で無双男優になる話~ ; Isekai Danyuu: Shirudanyuu ga Isekai Tensei shite Ero Chishiki Full Katsuyou de Musou Danyuu ni Naru Hanashi ; Pornstar in another world: A Story of a JAV Actor Reincarnating in Another World and Making Full Use of His Porn Knowledge to Become a Matchless Pornstar

On his way home from work, Aokai Seiji, a struggling actor in the JAV
film industry, accidentally looks away and got hit by a magic mirror JAV Truck!
He wakes up in a medieval-like world and gets caught up
in the “filming” with beautiful elves?!