If I Say No, You're Still Gonna Put It In, Right? - I Take a Bath With My Student and Cum

Completed Damette Itte mo Irerun desho? - Seito to Ofuro de Majiiki Doukyo; ダメって言っても挿入れるんでしょ?~生徒とお風呂でマジイキ同居

"It's rude not to do anything in this situation ..." I was her back, breasts, and pussy... A naked date with someone I just met for the first time!? On the first day of moving, when Tomoki was taking a bath, a naked girl came in! Turned out, Tomoki had to share his bathroom with the landlord's granddaughter who lived next door. Tomoki was shaken, but... "You can treat me like your girlfriend and do as you please." Does that mean that I can touch more.. her!? He washed her pussy, and naughty juice came out of it. She begged him to fuck her and put his dick in without even waiting for a reply...!